Saturday, January 28, 2012

Short Walks = Less Chocolate Cravings

Want to reduce your cravings for chocolate and possibly other high-sugar, high-fat junk foods? Go for a 15 minute walk!

Researchers from the University of Exeter found that people who went for a short walk reduced their intake of chocolate at work by 50%, a pretty big reduction in calorie intake. They say the short burst of activity greatly reduced appetite and junk food cravings in the study participants. The best news is that even "stressed out" people ate less. Exercise is a proven energy booster and mood elevator. Now that we know it's a craving killer we'd be crazy not to do a little more of it. I'll be back right after I walk around the block!

 Short Walk Cuts Chocolate Consumption in Half

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weight Watchers a Scam? (A REAL Review from Charles Barkley)

Is Weight Watchers really as good as Charles Barkley and other highly-paid spokespeople say it is? Or is it just another weight loss diet rip-off scam?? Charles was caught on tape saying that getting paid just to lose 2 pounds a week is some of the easiest money he's ever made, even going so far as to call Weight Watchers a scam. Check it out:

Some people are saying the slip up is a real review of the Weight Watchers system, which has been called over-priced and only marginally effective (among other complaints) for years. Here's the thing though: this could actually be a great freaking endorsement for the WW plan! I mean, isn't the whole point of these commercial diet programs to make it easy to lose weight?? If I were Weight Watchers marketing boss I'd give Sir Charles a nice little raise.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exercise = Better Students

Want your kid to actually pay attention in school and be a better student? Make him or her exercise, according to a big new study. Scientists found that children who get regular exercise tend to do much better in school. Apparently it doesn't matter where the exercise comes from -- recess, phys ed/gym classes, sports, or even walking to school -- the benefits are the same.

 The funny (and sad) part is schools all over the US are cutting their phys ed and sports programs to cut costs. Even funnier/sadder: many schools cut gym classes in favor of academic test prep classes.

Good job "No Child Left Behind"!

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