Friday, April 13, 2012

Drop Dead Health and Caveman Workouts

"Stunt book" author AJ Jacobs decided to get into shape when his body began looking like "a snake that swallowed a goat" and his wife started worrying about him dying at a young age. So he began a months-long quest to lose weight, build muscle, be healthier, and get fit... and chronicled it all in his new book Drop Dead Healthy.

I've read part of it and it's definitely good fitness reading, especially for regular joe's looking for motivation and advice for getting into shape. Plus it's just funny as hell. Jacobs recently did an interview with where he talks about his book and his fitness journey.

The best part:
"I loved the Caveman Workout, in which my fellow cavemen and I went into Central Park, took off our shirts and shoes, and tossed boulders and stalked imaginary prey."
We love caveman-style workouts too because they're a great excuse to throw big rocks and sticks at trees, animals, and the occasional human.

Read the interview!